Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What is Magical to you?

Have you ever seen fireworks on the Fourth of July? We probably all have, but the fireworks that I am going to tell you about are not just your ordinary fireworks. Okay, I'm going to ask you one more thing... Have you ever been to Disney World MAGIC kingdom? It IS DEFINITELY the most magical thing that I have ever see.

        My family and I went to Florida in January this year. It was exciting to get to go again, laying on the beaches and shopping at John's Pass. It was wonderful, but going to Disney World is the most exciting thing that we did. But just when you think it couldn't get any better, it begins to get dark in Magic Kingdom. Everything is great about it.. Well everything except for waiting in line to get on a ride, even after that it all pays off. So, like I said, it's getting darker, and your feet begin to hurt from walking around all day ride after ride, and food stand after food stand. You walk down to watch the electrical parade. Watching that is amazing enough, but you don't get all the magical effect. DON'T get me wrong, I thought it was pretty magical, but when you walk down and every light in the park turns off and everyone begins to settle in to watch the fantastic show that is about to begin you get ready and sit back... 

     Then BOOM! A color blasts into the sky over the lighted castle! Amazing colors fly this  way and that. All the magical and bright colors are over the castle. The castle just adds on the the magical feeling that makes you stare and not want the show to EVER be over! The colors on the castle change from bright blues and light pinks, heck it even turns tan! 

    There are so many colors, and as the first one sizzles out you cant wait to see what the next one looks like. When the last one bursts out and you wait and nothing comes your stomach drops and you cant believe that it is over. But I tell you, you will never forget that moment when you saw the fireworks in Magic Kingdom. They are one of the best memories that I have EVER had, and I have had many great memories. :) <3